Rebuilding the Coop

Hi Y'all,
Here's a picture of our coop when we purchased the farm and as you can see, the coop was in rough shape.  Before the Mayor could even begin his work, he had to remove all of the overgrown brier patches, broken windows, garbage and rocks... and that was just on the outside.  There was more garbage and used tires that needed to be removed from the inside.  On the backside of the coop, three trees were removed that were growing along the side.  

The first repair on the coop -- "new" used windows.  A friend of ours replaced the windows on there home and gave us these windows for free!  

Next came framing the new windows which also helps to support the roof.
Pine boards were then inserted on the inside for support and another layer on the outside for protection.  

Here is a before picture of what the south side looked like.  

Here is the south side after the repairs.  

Here are a couple pictures of the inside of the coop.

Here's the new door, built by my father in law.

Now, we have to decide which kind of chickens we would like to be part of our family.  What is your favorite?

till next time......

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  1. Very good job, lots of work, I am planning on building a chicken pen with a house for them....

    1. Thank you Deborah, It was a lot of work, but we were also frugal with our spending as we have many, many other projects on the farm. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Nice! Living in area that's really hot, and really cold, I like the R.I.Reds, Barred Rocks, and Sex links. Good with the weather, friendly and excellent layers. I raise mine only for eggs, in an urban coop. Nice job on yours!!! Nancy@LittlehomesteadinBoise

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thank you! I also live in an area that is really hot and really cold, so I will certainly look into the ones you have listed here. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Claudine! Your coop repairs look fantastic! I like Red Stars best because of their heat heartiness and because they lay 5-6 eggs per week. They are friendly too. However, they are hybrids, so if you are looking to hatch eggs out of them, they aren't good for that. In that case, a similar bird to Red Stars are Orpingtons. Nice, friendly birds, and good mamas, I hear. :)

    Kristi@Stone Family Farmstead

    1. Thank you Kristi....we are looking forward to getting chickens, however, this will have to wait until next year. Thank you for the information on the chicken breeds. Nice to meet you!