Painting the Fall

It felt a lot like summer today …75 degrees!  WOW!  The Sheriff and I spent quite a bit of time outdoors playing today, but, I also set up a craft project for him that I saw on Pinterest.  The project was painting leaves with chalk markers.  Chalk markers?  I’ve never heard of them and since we have plenty of washable paint, I thought painting outside would be so much fun and no need to worry about paint everywhere!  So.....we gathered up our paint and headed outside to enjoy this absolutely gorgeous day!
We started out by gathering some leaves from the ground; we wanted leaves that still had some life in them and weren’t too brittle. 
I set up our little table (perfect size for the sheriff) and divided the paint into little single serve applesauce containers.  The Sheriff loves applesauce and from time to time, I will buy these little cups as a treat.  I started collecting the empty containers because I knew at one point they would be good for something like this!  I poured a little in each cup this way if the Sheriff decided to mix, he wouldn't mix full bottle of paint.  

Let the fun & creativity begin…

Painting his leaves….

Once we ran out of leaves, we took a walk to find more and discovered some other little treasures that we could paint.  We found rocks, pine cones and even tree bark!  Here he is painting a really cool stick he found with all sorts of burrows in it.

Here are the finished projects.  These leaves are going to look fantastic in our home! I might even put magnets on the back of the tree bark--he will love seeing this on the fridge.  

Happy Fall Y’all…….. The Lewis’

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