Patriotic Bandanna Wreath

Is there anything more country & farm-ish than bandannas?  I love bandannas and Old Glory, so when I saw this wreath on Pinterest, I just knew I had to make it.  It’s super easy too, but I do want to warn you that this can be costly (at least in my opinion) if you do not purchase the bandannas on sale.  AC Moore sells the bandannas for $2.00 a piece, and if you make the same exact wreath as mine, it will cost you $24.00 for the bandannas unless you buy them on sale.  I was able to pick mine up on sale at AC Moore for 2/$3.00 and save a few bucks. 
The first tutorial I found used an 18 inch wreath that used 7 of each color for a total of 21 bandannas.  So I bought what I needed, but after I made it, I just didn’t like it; it was too big for me (see below). 

I returned the 18 inch and bought a 10 inch as that size worked much better for me; but feel free to use whatever size works for your home.  If you decide to use a different size wreath, I would suggest cutting the bandannas as you go along so you can return the extra, or use the extra for cloth napkins like we do!  YAY!
I followed an easy tutorial; you can click on the link below:

If you plan on making a 10 inch wreath like mine, here is what you’ll need:
10 inch wire wreath
4 bandannas of each color- so 12 in total
Wooden stars (I’ve seen other wreaths with felt stars, paper stars or metal stars) - I could not find white stars, so I had to buy them natural and paint them white.
Glue gun

I also preferred this tutorial because you use bandannas that are cut in half whereas other wreaths use a full bandanna which will cost even more money.  Please note, if you are planning on making a 10 inch wreath, you will have a ½ piece of bandanna of each color left over.  That ½ piece is great for the Sheriff to keep in his pocket to wipe his brown on hot sweaty days!! 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or leave me a comment.  If you do make the wreath, please post a picture below, I would love to see it! 

Happy Memorial Day to everyone….
let us not forget those who have given their lives so that we can live ours.....

Till next time y'all....