Homemade Ice-Cream ...Finally!

Well, I finally did it--I bought an ice-cream maker!  I have always wanted to have one of my own, but never did the research to see how difficult it was to make homemade ice-cream!  Turns out, it’s very easy to make and did I mention…delicious!
I started out by looking at the various models, their cost and the reviews on Amazon.  I had a few favorites picked out, but still wasn’t sure.  I decided to ask a homesteading group on Facebook what their favorite model was.  Come to find out, one of the models that I selected was also a favorite of three ladies in the community, so I decided to go with that one. 

For those of you who don’t me, I love a good bargain!  I also don't mind purchasing used items as long as they are in good, working condition.  Personally, I think that you can find so many great deals at places like second hand stores, Ebay, Craigslist or even Amazon’s community.  I decided on a Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Ice-Cream and Sorbet maker from Ebay.  The maker had been used twice and came in the box with the instructions and recipe book.  In addition, this little gem came with an extra freezer bowl which many Amazon reviewers suggested purchasing.  Woohooo.  Now I’m not going to lie, the extra freezer bowl was a HUGE bonus, but the color of this ice cream maker screams FUN and also won my heart because it goes with my matching turquoise cow butter dish and cow creamer!!!  You can check them out by clicking here

Here’s my maker…..

So far I have made strawberry and chocolate ice cream right from recipe book that came with the machine and they are FANTASTIC!  All you need is milk, heavy cream, sugar, pure vanilla, strawberries and you have delicious, homemade strawberry ice-cream!   Want chocolate ice cream?  Same recipe but use unsweetened cocoa powder in place of the strawberries and viola!  While the chocolate was mixing, I couldn’t  help myself so I got a spoon and dug right in.  The flavor and texture reminded me of a Wendy’s© Frosty!!!  YUM. 

Here’s my machine working hard making my first batch of strawberry which tasted fresh and creamy!  Isn’t it pretty?

Once the ice-cream is finished mixing, it has to be stored in a freezer friendly container.   I still have my old fashioned ice-cream keeper/saver from Tupperware© do you?  I really like this container and it works perfectly for storing fresh homemade ice cream. 

 And here’s the finished product for the Mayor. 

The second time I made chocolate ice-cream, the Sheriff wanted to help.  He mixed everything together by hand and even turned on the machine for me.  He did an AWESOME job and reaped all the benefits of his hard work.  His favorite treat, a cup of coffee milk with a scoop of chocolate ice-cream and a straw (can’t forget the straw) he loves it!   Here he is below, watching his chocolate ice-cream go round and round.

Have you made homemade ice-cream before?  If so, what is your favorite flavor?  And how do you store  your ice-cream?  I would love to hear from you!

Until next time y’all……it’s summertime….don’t forget the ice-cream!